Producer, songwriter, arranger, pianist, organist, entrepreneur are just a few titles to define the phenomenal, Phillip Bates. As a young Detroit, native, Phillip “Pham Rock” Bates comes from a family with rich musical heritage. At the age of 11, Phillip discovered his God given talent of musical performance. Being raised in church, granted him the opportunity to cultivate his passion for musical excellence. Phillip has served at churches in Detroit as the Musical Director/Keyboardist,

 In 2018 Phillip was nominated “Best Organist/Pianist” for the Michigan Chronicle’s Best in Black Awards as well as nominated in 2011 “Producer of the Year” for the Rhythm & Gospel Awards. He can also be seen on the Word Network. 

Creating Pham Rock Productions Phillip has Produce & played for: The Aretha Franklin Legacy Band, Calvin Golden, Rochelle Bates, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Jessica Reedy, Jonathan Dunn, Damita Chandler, Jonathan Nelson, Shana Wilson, Deitrick Haddon, Evelyn Turrentine Agee, Dayna Davis, Algebra, Twinkie Clark, Jerome Williams & The Eveready’s, to name a few.

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Bam Travis (Faithful) Debut 2016 Noelle Travis "I Am Free" (Single) 2015-Calvin J. Golden and Shekinah (In the Pursuit of the Glory) 2010/2018-Latoya Turrentine (I am Favors Voice & All For Love) 2012-Noelle Travis: Live Recording “Our God” in Mansfield, OH.-Rochelle Bates (His Spirit) 2013-Damita “Amazing God” & ”Be Revealed” (Anticipation 2012)-Deitrick Haddon “Never Hurt Again” & ”Need a Sign” (A “Beautiful Soul” Movie and Soundtrack) 2012-John Bidden  ( I Am Free) (EP) & "Speak Life" (EP)