Siarrah (better known as Sisi) Gunter was born and raised in Detroit, MI. With music, dance, and theater embedded in her blood, she was drawn to the Arts at an early age.

Experiencing the opportunities to be a part of “Annie” and “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” at the young age of 8 and 9, she learned that performing on stage was her calling. Following this dream, she attended The Detroit School of Performing Arts, as a vocal major. She was also a member of Teen Hype, an organization that provided education and awareness to the youth through theater. Siarrah began dancing while in her Sophomore year of High School having multiple opportunities to perform throughout the state of Michigan. Siarrah went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kentucky State University, but still remained active in the Detroit dance community.

Siarrah is now the co-director of the Tiffany Rene Dance Company and has appeared in numerous music videos. She also teaches dance and performance development at Star Factory Incorporated, Detroit, MI.

Siarrah’s words of wisdom: “You already possess, within you, everything that is needed in order to become exactly what/who you are meant to be. Living in this truth will allow you to manifest everything you deserve in order to reach your fullest potential.”